• Warranty, refund, payment  have been discussed in Terms And Condition and will be followed that
  • Most of our products go through quality check and if any damage found after receiving it, will be replaced as far as our condition, but won’t be accepted after crossing the deadline of our Provided time
  • The T shirt and clothing will be replaced on request if the damage is Noticed
  • Customization products won’t have a warranty as our product goes through serious inspection before sending it to you and while making the design we will get in context with you with changes, if there is manufacturing damage, we will replace it.
  • Placing an Order will take 5 working days or less to process, might take a bit more on customization Product, you will be notified with a date on mail.
  • Replacing the product might take a little longer, as discussed in the Return Policy 
  • Bulk product orders have a different section
    and will be provided to you while Confirming the order
  • warranty may differ from product to collaboration stores In NERV System
  • All the warranty to servicing is provided from the designated stores.
  • Mobile  other devices Might come with either an Official warranty or an Unofficial service warranty and policies, 
    you are requested to read the description of the phone before purchasing. if there is any warranty on the device, we will mention it in the description 
  • If Mobile device servicing is provided by the dedicated store, the location will be provided with their receipt. 

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